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Earning money is easy.

There are endless possibilities and ways on how to increase your earned income. It is so simple that people just throw their money away, and in turn, get stuck with their job forever. It is so easy to get and yet so easy to slip. …


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Have you always wanted to accomplish tasks for the day but don’t have the energy to do them?

Do you always plan something for the next day but end up not doing anything?

Are you getting tired of telling yourself you’re going to do it the next day?

Maybe that…


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Writing helps me think clearly.

When I write, I am forced to reflect on personal experiences so that my reader can relate to the points I’m articulating. However, just like a lot of authors, there are days when I experience what they call writer’s block. I am now experiencing this…

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I am a millennial.

I don’t want a lot of things. I just want freedom. I want to have the freedom to travel first class wherever and whenever I want to — to walk around the streets of Paris during the day as I smell freshly baked pastries from every…


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Whenever I want to achieve something, I think about how much I desire it and then I get it.

Sometimes, it takes weeks, months, or years, but eventually, I get it. Is it because of sheer luck? I don’t think so. Prayer? It could be. Hard work? Definitely.

Be laser-focused

Often, the…


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Thinking short-term

You can trick your mind into doing something.

Let’s say you need to work on a report. Your mind might think about the short-term goal, which is to finish the report within the day. But when you train your mind to focus on the bigger things and ask yourself why…

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In 2016, my monthly income increased by 15x.

Before I accepted a job offer here in the US, I couldn’t support myself with my salary as a healthcare provider in the Philippines. I lived with my parents and did not have to pay for rent, food, or other bills. …

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“So many things to do, so little time.”

That’s how I always felt before. I wake up feeling tired, go to work feeling tired, and get home feeling tired. …

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Be in a flow state by getting yourself a tomato.

At your best, you can only be productive for 3–4 hours a day.

When you want to be creative and your job requires high mental energy, it helps to do it in intervals and take short breaks in between. This is how a timer (tomato, or Pomodoro in Italian) becomes…

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Quitting your 9–5 job does not guarantee “more time”

In 2016, I quit my day job to start making money online. I felt like an underpaid healthcare provider who thought that my job was keeping me from something that I enjoy doing.

I made more money online than I did when I was working in the hospital. But I…

Marichelle E. Urquico

I write about Self-Improvement and Personal Finance.

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